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Like US, Harvard, the Maryam Abacha University Kano, By Ibn Mohammed

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From when I heard of the Maryam Abacha American University, Maraɗi, Niger sometime in 2014, it caught my attention and was asking why a University with a high Nigerian population in Maradi, Niger Republic.

I later learnt that it was a Nigerian who is the founder of the first English speaking private University in Niger, a Francophone country. It became interesting, and who is the founder?

Digging dip into the academic activities of the University it became more interesting as thousands of students were already enrolled into the University and are studying different courses of their interest.

The founder, Professor Adamu Gwarzo,  is an educationist and an enthusiast of progressive learning.  He founded the University to break the barrier in learning within Africans an African Institutions.

Many have graduated and are doing extremely great in their areas of endeavor.

Students travel from Nigeria to Niger to study and many has been rewarded with scholarship by the able founder Professor Gwarzo.

The Niger University was a success, and MAAUN  Kano was born.

The Maryam Abacha American University Kano, has since kicked off and have matriculated over 2000 students.

Many have said that it is a University to beat in Nigeria considering infrastructure and excellence.

A mere explanation will not give any reader  insights of the features of this magnificent edifice created by foremost well celebrated northerner in the name of professor Gwarzo.

It is just like US, Havard in Nigeria.

Professor Gwarzo has redefined learning in the 21st century by making it a priority and bringing the best closer to the people. Why go to America, when you have just what your child need at your door step.

The University has since became an attraction for prominent personalities in Nigeria and beyond.

MAAUN is the dream of every parent in Nigeria and has since become a house hold name.

The able founder and president of the institution Professor Adamu Gwarzo has made this possible. He has always said that providing education to all is his priority and making educated people is his dream.

” My dream in life is to see that I am instrumental to educating millions of children in Nigeria and beyond.

Prof. Gwarzo has also supported government owned institutions in many ways, from individuals, groups and communities towards  advancing their ways of living and also in education.

He is a gentleman, an actualizer, a visionary leader and a proponent of education for all.

Mohammed Ibn Mohammed is an education/motivational writer. 08022251650

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